Translation insights : from literary to specialised translation

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The monograph “Translation Insights – From Literary to Specialised Translation” by Katarina Gjurchevska Atanasovska and Milena Sazdovska-Pigulovska represents a collection of papers on different aspects of translation. The papers in this monograph were either published individually by each author or as a result of their joint work on cultural, literary or specialized translation. All the papers were published in various domestic or foreign scientific journals, books of proceedings from international conferences or other specialist academic publications. After having previously been peer-reviewed and edited in the respective publications, they are republished in this monograph.

The monograph consists of eleven papers organized thematically in three different sections: Literary translation, Specialised translation and Translation and culture. Apart from the papers, each section contains a brief introduction into the subject matter outlining its most important aspects, as well as the purpose and the scope of the papers included.

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Оригинален Наслов : Translation insights : from literary to specialised translation / Katarina Gjurchevska Atanasovska, Milena Sazdovska Pigulovska

ISBN : 978-608-205-544-2

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Страници : 243

Формат : А5; 21 cm

Корица : мека

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